Thursday, June 17, 2010

Moving Prep - Trying Not to be Overwhelmed...

Wow!  We have less than a month and a half left before we move!  I can hardly believe it!  I am excited but nervous too!!!!  JP is getting more and more excited with each passing day as well, but I don't sense any nervousness on his part.

We have already sold or donated a lot of stuff but have tons more to get rid of.  Then, we have to figure out what to pack now and what to pack right before we go.  And, what to pack in our trailer vs. what to pack in the car for easy access.  And, should we ship anything?  Should we leave some stuff at my mom's house until we know if we'll stay in New York long term?  Not to mention a few legal items to take care of before we go (nothing major...just some paperworky type of stuff).  And, medical check ups for both of us, and for the dog.  And, and, and...

I have set aside one box that will absolutely go in the car with us.  It will have a few trip essentials since we are driving cross-country from California, north to Washington, and then east to New York.  In that box, I already have:
* rolls of toilet paper
* packages of disposable toilet seat covers
* first aid and allergy kits
* French Press for my morning coffee
* two picnic plates and picnic silverware
* two bath towels and washclothes
* travel pillows

But, there are so many more things to consider!

And, during our travels, I plan to have a box of our main Etsy (M and J Designs) inventory as well as our secondary Etsy shop (Marbles and Jam) inventory in the car with us as well so our shop will stay open as we travel!  Did you know that most McDonald's locations now have free Wi-Fi and that on July 1st most Starbucks locations will begin to offer the same?  So, I will still be checking in on our Etsy and Zazzle shops, our Facebook fan page, Twitter, email, and this blog...

If you travel long distances by car, or have gone cross-country in the United States, what are your tried and true tips?  The more tips, the better!

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