Saturday, April 28, 2012

Ancient India Resources

Currently we are studying Ancient India for our homeschool social studies.  We use a wide variety of materials, spanning those for much younger children to those for adults or older students.  As a result, you may wish to evaluate any materials I list, or link to, before using them with your child(ren).  My son is 13, and does well with a mix of too-easy, right on target, and challenging materials.

Here are a number of great online resources for studying Ancient India:

BBC Primary History's Ancient India page for children

BBC History: Ancient India - for older students and adults

The British Museum's Ancient India page - Click on a category, then click on the large picture that should appear in the center of the screen in order to be taken to the actual page for the category.

Videos - some may be geo-tagged, meaning they can only be viewed in certain locations.  We've been able to watch all of these in the United States:
 The offline resources that we are using include these books:

  • The Times Complete History of the World (one of our main history texts)
  • National Geographic Visual History of the World (one of our main history texts)
  • Civilizations, Explorations, and Conquests (one of our main history texts)
  • The Usborne Encyclopedia of World Religions
  • The Ramayana - A Tale of Gods and Demons
  • Siddhartha - by Herman Hesse

If you are interested in reading The Ramayana or Siddhartha, please check back in a few weeks for study guides and assignment ideas.

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  1. I'm so lucky to be a few steps behind you in World History. Thanks for sharing all this great stuff!


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