Saturday, April 28, 2012

The art of Vasily Kandinsky

The art of Vasily Kandinsky is usually vivid in color, and wild in shape and movement.  His work is abstract, but not random.  Kandinsky often created his work by starting with a plan, often based on a sketch or notes on his canvas upon which he layered his paint.  Every time I look at a piece by Kandinsky, I see something new.  His work gives and gives, and no two viewing experiences are ever the same.
This wonderful video, from Guggenheim in New York City, discusses the work of Kandinsky, including interesting investigative techinques used by the museum in studying Kandinsky's work. Click HERE to watch.

You can also explore the Kandinsky collection from the Guggenheim HERE.  Click on "themes" to see the work arranged by themes.  The site also offers a biography of the artist, among other things.
A lovely video on Kandinsky featuring actress Helen Mirren talking about painting in general, but also touching specifically on Kandinsky's work:

Here is another video that is reportedly Kandinsky actually painting - note, there is no sound:

For some fantastic art projects based on the ideas and styles of Kandinsky's work, visit the Art Projects for Kids blog HERE.  We will be doing some of these projects this weekend.
Two clips from a documentary called "Kandinsky and the Russian House":

You can watch the full "Kandinsky and the Russian House" documentary (about 52 minutes long) at for $1.99 (or buy it for $22) HERE.

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