Saturday, March 26, 2011

A new freebie for you! Created by me!

Does anyone know how to insert a PDF or MS-Word file into a Blogger post?  None of the tutorials that I have found have helped. 

And, bonus if you can tell me how to get links to open in a new tab or new window...the tutorial I found for that didn't work either.

And, please don't tell me to use Wordpress instead.  Wordpress is not my friend.  Thanks.

Anyhow, I have a five year old tutoring student that is very resistant to reading.  However, he loves to keep track of things.  So, I created a reading chart for him.  For every book that he can read on his own, with no help, he can color in a square.  Once all of the squares are filled in, I will give him a prize.  He has been asking for Spiderman books (not because they are books but because, hey it's SPIDERMAN!).  So, once he completes his first chart, a Spiderman book will be his!

I thought I would share this little chart with you, and wanted to embed it directly into this post for you to print, but Blogger isn't having any of that today!  Harumph!  Instead, please scoot on over to Scribd to find my chart and print a copy for *personal* or *classroom* use.  Please do not print or alter it and use it for profit.  This is my own original work and as such is subject to all copyright laws.  Thanks!

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  1. Hi! no you can not embed a PDF into blogger. you can see what i do here on my posts, use a JPG image of your PDF and link to the PDF file, on google docs or Scribd, whichever is easier for you.

    and here

    check out this for the HTML code for links:

    find me on twitter @mommydoodles #bloghelp

    Good luck!


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