Wednesday, June 22, 2011


On my path back to frugality (see this introductory post), I realized that some of the products we love and refuse to part ways with are rather expensive.  So, I began writing a few emails asking for coupons or samples.  I only just began, however, so I haven't seen a lot come through the snail or e-mail.  The first to respond was Turtle Mountain, maker of So Delicious products.  YUM!  They sent me a brochure of coupons totalling about $6 or $7 in value (I've used some already so I can't tell you the exact dollar amount).  Bonus, our local grocery store doubles up to $1 so the 50-cent coupons actually were double their value!

Then, today, I came across this interesting experiment.  This guy sent 100 snail mail letters to 100 companies asking for free stuff. The results are fairly interesting, and some of the letters he wrote are pretty funny!

How about you? Have you ever requested free samples, coupons, or other stuff and had a positive response?f

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