Friday, April 6, 2012

Flat Stanley came for a visit (Part I)!

As is my usual lately, I haven't posted in a while! Busy...beyond...belief!  Sigh...  But, this past week, I took some time off from work because my mom was coming to visit from California!  Well, around the same time as her arrival, my nephew's Flat Stanley also arrived!  Of course, they traveled separately with my mom coming by airplane, and Stanley by mail.

Stanley went all over Manhattan with us, and I am giving over this blog post to Stanley...

Hello readers!  My name is Flat Stanley!  You may know me from the Flat Stanley series of books which chronicle my adventures around the postal mail!

This is the first in a series of three or so blog posts about my stay in New York.  I spent several days with my hosts, Malea, her son JP, and her mom Susan.  They live not too far from New York City, and took me on their adventures with them.

We started each day by boarding a train to the part of New York City called Manhattan. Once we got to Manhattan, we took the subway all over the place. Have you ever been on a train or the subway?  The train was mostly above ground, but the subway was mostly under the ground in tunnels!

The train dropped us off each day in Grand Central Station which is a HUGE train station int he middle of the city.

We stopped at a coffee shop called Dean and DeLuca where we had coffee and pastries.  We needed some breakfast to give us energy for our very busy day ahead!
After the coffee shop, we walked a few blocks and found the television studio for NBC, and we saw the studio where the morning news show "Today" is filmed, but they weren't filming while we were there...we were a few hours too late.  The NBC studio is across the street from Rockefeller Center, so we crossed over to take a look.

 Oh! Zamboni!
We saw the spot where the city of New York City sets up its annual Christmas tree (but I was visiting in, no tree!)
There is a whole store in New York City that is entirely devoted to the video game company NINTENDO!!!!!
Do you like the tv show "The Simpsons"?  We saw this delivery truck on one street, and it is painted like a scene from that show!

We also saw the building where a major newspaper, The Wall Street Journal, is published.  It was a very busy day, and we did a lot more, but I'm going to tell you about the rest of the trip in a few other posts!


  1. Dear Aunt Malea, JP, and Susan,

    We enjoyed hearing about Flat Stanley's visit with you! We know Flat Stanley had a great time! We wish we could have joined him! We wish we could visit the Nintendo store, have a danish at the coffee shop, and then take a ride on the subway! We look forward to watching the next post tomorrow!

    Sincerely, Brenden and his class

  2. We've had our own Flat Stanley adventures several times. So much fun! It looks like he was a busy guy in New York!!!


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