Sunday, April 8, 2012

Flat Stanley came for a visit (Part II)!

If you didn't see the original Flat Stanley post, please view it HERE.  As with the original post, we are giving our blog over to Stanley in order for him to continue to share his New York adventure with you.  Take it away, Stanley!

Well, I've had a rest from my New York adventure, and I am on my way through the mail to Arizona, then Germany!  Wow!  I wonder where else I will get to visit!  What is the coolest or most interesting place you have ever visited?  

I had so much fun in New York City!  There is just so much to share!  Last time, I told you about seeing the NBC studio where the morning show "Today" is filmed, Rockefeller Center, and little bits here and there.  After all of that, we walked to the Theater District of Manhattan. This is where the majority of plays and musicals happen, and the biggest shows are on Broadway, which is a big street, but some of the shows on nearby streets are also still considered "on Broadway."  I went with Malea, JP, and my sender's grandmother.  We saw a musical called "Memphis."  It had some really fantastic singing and dancing!
Outside the theater, waiting to go in.
The stage, before the show - we had excellent seats!

After the play, we walked over to Time's Square.  It is so busy, so colorful, and so fun!  There was a lot to see!  I even met a nice police officer, and had a great dinner with my hosts.

There was a moose in the restaurant!

The restaurant was on the 2nd floor of the building, and had a great view of Time's Square.

This police officer was very nice about taking a picture with me.

He even let me sit ON his car!

There is a whole store in Time's Square just devoted to m&m's candy!  It was HUGE!

After the m&m store, we walked around some more, and saw the Ed Sullivan Theater which is where the "Late Show with David Letterman" is filmed.  They weren't filming while we were there though.

Next time, I will tell you all about my last day in New York, and our visit to the Natural History Museum!


  1. I love flat stanley! It is something I definitely want to do with my kids when they are a little older. Although, at almost 4 my oldest would probably get a kick out of flat stanley visiting her cousins...hmmm...

  2. Flat Stanley Rocks! Glad to see he is still making great voyages. Nice pics. Flat Stanley ♥'s NY

    Visiting from HipHSMom Hop.


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