Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Boy haircuts...

I had planned a post a few days ago focusing on homeschooling, and our plans for the upcoming school year, but instead I vented about the dump that is our (rented) home (read it HERE).  This post won't be about homeschooling either....maybe I'll get to that over the weekend.

Right now, I'm still fuming over the dump that is our (rented) home, and the repairs that have been redone incorrectly again, and the advice that "the mold will go away...eventually."

But, I'm also thrilled by how many views and comments my welcome post for the M.O.B. (Moms of Boys) Society post for their blog link up received.

And I'm also still chuckling because we had a little fun yesterday when JP decided long, thick, curly hair is just too much for 90F summer day with humidity, and finally asked me to cut his hair.  I've given my son over 90% of his haircuts in the past 13 years, but have never quite cut hair this long...except my own.  Did I mention that I cut my own hair? Yeah, I do.  There have been some embarrasingly bad cuts, but along the way, I've learned...

Anyhow...want a little laugh at the teenager's expense?  (He has given me authorization to post these photos...).

I measured his hair before we was over 7 inches long when pulled straight.

PRE-haircut goofing around.  Funny face to match that 1970s style:

Mid-haircut, sporting 80s style shades, and well on his way to a Flock of Seagulls hairdo (I considered buying some gel just to see what we could achieve...):

And, finally, the cut that grandpa says "looks a lot better", and that one of my friends said "makes him look a lot older" but JP said, "Wow, that feels better!"
Whatcha think of the new 'do?


(This post has been edited, and parts that are no longer relevant have been removed.)

(This post has been edited, and parts that are no longer relevant have been removed.)

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  1. Funny do's!
    That does seem like a better summer option, but I'm sad to think of those curls on the floor :(


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