Sunday, July 22, 2012

I got kicked out of a public library...

Yes, you read the title correctly.

I got kicked out of a public library on Friday morning.

And, you will never guess why...

Library Books on Shelves Black & White 8x10 Fine Art Photograph by Diana at EyeShutterToThink on Etsy

Some guesses from my friends include:
  • ...suggested that they don't censor books;
  • ...brought my dog in a bicycle sidecar;
  • ...was longboarding between the stacks;
  • ...gum chewing;
  • ...brought in Starbucks;
  • ...talking to loudly;
  • ...was taking photos;
  • ...cussed;
  • ...was using a laptop;
  • ...was sleeping;
  • ...asked in a loud voice, "What's a card catalog?"
  • ...whistling;
  • ...humming;
  • ...asked someone where the nearest Barnes & Noble is;
  • ...farted...twice;
  • ...was breastfeeding;
  • ...was kissing.
From the comments left on this post:
  • ...singing too loudly with my earbuds in. 
  • ...too many books. 
  • ...something an item of clothing said. 
  • ...unpaid/overdue fines.
  • ...wearing something too revealing.
  • ...loitering in the children's section.
  • ...arguing with the librarian.
  • running around screaming.
  • mad at librarian because I suggested a book they should have, but she was too busy to deal.

Those guesses are all wrong, but some are quite amusing, right?  What do YOU think I might have been doing that got me kicked out?  I'll post the real story later in the week...

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UPDATE - I promise to post the real reason for my getting kicked out of the library on Wednesday evening.  I was holding off in the hopes of posting this to the Hip Homeschool Mom's blog hop, but I guess that isn't happening as they are moving websites or something or other. 


  1. All your friends took the best guesses. I can't imagine what else one could do to get kicked out of the library... singing loudly with your earbuds in too tight? I can't wait to find out what you did!

  2. too many books???
    I can't wait to hear the real reason..

  3. Umm, gosh, i have no idea xD Maybe something an item of clothing said..

  4. Hmm. My guesses are:
    1. Something you were wearing was considered too revealing
    2. You were loitering in the childrens section

    I will definitely be back to read why :)

  5. Oh about an unpaid fine that was overdue?

  6. Did you get into an argument with the librarian?

  7. Your kids kept running around and screaming? You got mad at the librarian because you suggested yet another book they should have and she said she was too busy to deal? :) LOL Can't wait to hear the real reason.


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