Saturday, February 2, 2013

Make a direct impact in a single mom's life...

A while back I asked for a bit of help, and was overwhelmed by your generosity.  My son and I were having problems with our landlord and needed repairs, including mold abatement, in our apartment.  Our goal was to move as soon as possible.  We weren't able to save nearly enough to move, but between what I could save myself, and your donations, we were able to take legal action to force our landlord to make numerous repairs, and to clean up the mold problems.


Now, I am asking for help for someone else...  I have a lovely student in dire need of assistance.  She is a single mom of two children.  She works as much as she can.  She is one term away from finishing her college degree.  She is also a few months away from the opportunity to do extra training at her job, and to get a promotion.

Since Hurricane Sandy, my student has struggled more than usual.  She has little in the way of a support system, and no safety net should an emergency happen.  She confided in me recently that she is at risk of being homeless if she can't gather enough money to pay some back rent which has accumulated since Hurricane Sandy.

With the generosity of my Facebook friends, I've collected $500 of the $4,000 she needs to keep a roof over her children's heads.  If she loses her home, she loses her ability to finish school, and she loses her ability to possibly keep her job, and she definitely loses her ability to get her promotion.  She is working hard to save money on her own, and has applied twice for emergency assistance. 

You have a chance to have a direct impact in improving this mom's life, and thereby improving the lives of her children.  I am confident that if she can get past this hurdle, she will have a bright future ahead of her.  She reminds me so much of where I was just eleven years ago.  The difference?  I had the support of several friends and my entire family.

If you have it in your heart to help, please consider making a donation for my student.  Click the Paypal button below --

Another option is that all sales in my Etsy shop from now until June will go to support my student as well as my best friend.  My best friend is fighting a custody battle that has turned bitter and is becoming much more expensive than originally anticipated.  Check out my Etsy shop HERE.

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