Friday, October 28, 2011

Super Sniffer Dog Needed!

Please help this family. Their son, Lincoln, has life threatening food allergies. His reactions are getting worse and worse...he could die because of something the rest of us take for granted.

I have a life threatening food allergy to milk, and I know the terror of eating something that you think is safe, only to find yourself in an ER with a doctor and team of nurses debating another round of medications versus intubation. Thankfully I've never been intubated due to my allergy, but I've been lucky. I've had close calls...

A food allergy reaction can happen in seconds, and can be deadly. Lincoln's family is trying to raise funds for a specially trained service dog that can detect certain allergens hidden in foods. This dog could literally save Lincoln's life. These dogs are expensive...and to make things more complicated, Lincoln can only have certain breeds of dogs becuase, you guessed it, he's allergic to dogs too. This adds to the cost as the least allergenic dogs happen to cost a lot of money.

I know this family, and love and adore them. Please consider a donation to their super sniffer dog fun. If you aren't sure, just imagine your own child laying lifeless on an ER bed as doctors and nurses try to revive your child. It isn't something any parent should ever have to face. My son has food allergies, but thankfully they have gotten less and less severe, unlike Lincoln's. Even if you can only help with a few dollars, they will appreciate it.

Next week, I will share an interview with Lincoln's family.

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