Tuesday, January 17, 2012

One of "those" days...

I am having "one of those days"...  I'm stressed about money, about the ex, about school starting next week, about my falling apart car.  I kind of want to have a good cry, but don't want to expend the energy on crying.  Right now, I am feeling exhausted and worn out by those little things (and big things) that add up and leave you feeling like poo.  :(  No bueno...  Nicht gut...

I got my car into a shop today, after consulting other shops, and the verdict is that I need a new motor.  Do you hear that wooshing sound?  That is the sound of money flying out of my bank account, and not enough money coming back in.
I happen to love my car, and hope the repairs won't be as expensive as I fear!
The bright note today, is that I recently found a website where I can study German for FREE, and the site is well organized, and thorough.  I've used numerous websites and software with mixed results, and none have been substantial enough for me to return time and time again.  This site, however, is FANTASTIC!   If you have any interest in learning German, check out Deutsch Welle! I am focusing on the Deutsch Interaktiv and Mission Europe sections right now. 

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  1. (Hugs)
    Feeling for you.
    I've been without a car for over a decade now, but I remember the days.

    Hope everything gets easier soon.


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