Monday, June 25, 2012

Whatcha got pasta....

I'm calling this "Whatcha got pasta" because it is made of just whatever ya got in the fridge and cupboards!
This is vegan, but it would be super easy to add some crumbled bacon, browned sausage, or whatever you prefer.  I like vegan, but am not a vegan...I eat vegan about 50% of the time, vegetarian 25% and omni the other 25%.  I've just never really liked meat all that much - the taste, the texture, the cholesterol...a few meat based dishes can get a "Oh my gaaaaawwwww...soooo good!" from me, but not many.

Anyhow...back to this "Whatcha got pasta."  Start by taking a peek in the fridge and cupboards.  We had a bit o' pasta, tomatoes, baby spinach, scallions (the long skinny green onions), shredded carrot leftover from making vegan carrot muffins yesterday, um...what else?  Oh, pimento stuffed green olives, capers, tricolor bell peppers, garlic powder, nutritional yeast, olive oil, and mushrooms.

I'm not going to take you step by step through making this (although if someone asks in the comments, I will...), because it seems pretty simple to me.  I cooked the pasta, browned the mushrooms in olive oil and margarine (oh, wait! The marg isn't vegan...oops!), then softened the bell peppers (diced) in olive oil over medium heat as well.  It's a "throw it together" meal, ya know?

I strained the pasta, put it back in the pot, dumped in all of my other ingredients (except tomatoes), stirred, dished it out into two bowls, and topped mine with the tomatoes (none for the boy...he won't eat tomatoes), dashed with garlic powder, pepper, and nutritional yeast, and then we ate!

I thought it was fantastic, but the boy said there were too many flavors.  It was a lot of variety, so I see his point, but I love veggies, and I love pasta, so I thought it was great!

What was the last "throw it together" meal that you made?  Is it one you'll make again?  I'll definitely make a version of this pasta dish again! Yummmmm!!!!

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