Wednesday, July 4, 2012

America is...

Happy Independence Day to my fellow readers in the United States of America!  And, for those of you not in the USA, thanks for taking the time to visit.

This post is all about "America is..."

One of our favorite books celebrating our country is called just that, America is..., and is written by Louise Borden and Stacey Schuett.  This book is beautifully illustrated, and covers the range of the country from coast to coast, mountain ranges, plains and deserts.  Although it is considered appropriate for grades k-3, we still read it every year on the 4th of July, and my son is 13. To go along with the book, I found a simple lesson plan HERE (pdf format).
You will find all kinds of resources all over the web for the 4th of July, and to learn about the United States of America, but here are a few that we have enjoyed over the years...

Coloring pages for each state HERE.

Historic symbols of America coloring pages HERE.

Lots of coloring pages HERE - grouped into categories. Click on a category to be taken to the related coloring pages.

The United State's National Anthem sung by the combined choirs of the USA's military forces:

For a fantastic 6 part PBS documentary about the American Revolution - the reason we celebrate Independence Day - click HERE.  This series is more appropriate for older kids, teens, and adults.  For a lesson plan, a game, and more that goes with the video series, click HERE.

For children, check out Liberty's Kids!  This is a cartoon series about American history.  THIS link takes you to the YouTube channel for the series.  Unfortunately, each episode appears to be split into two parts on YouTube.  A sample video:

And, if you ever have the chance, I highly recommend driving across this vast country!  We did it a few summers ago when moving from California to New York.  This truly is an amazing land with people of all kinds, terrain of all types, and beauty from coast to coast.  I wrote a bit about that trip in my blog post on "carschooling."  A few pictures from that trip:

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