Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I'm super busy this week, so this post is mostly pictures...we've been wrapping up several science experiments that we've collected over the years and just never got around to doing.  Since we schooled over the course of the summer this year, as we finished one subject, we filled in with the collected science experiments!

Taking apart an owl pellet.  I did this in the 4th grade when I was fortunate enough to have a teacher that was CrAzY for all things scientific.  It was fun to share this with JP, even if he was several years older than the intended age group.  You can buy owl pellet kits HERE.

After picking off most of the outer material, he began to find bones and a skull inside the pellet!

Working on identifying the parts - a jaw.

Various biology experiments - a terrarium to both see plants growing, but also to understand the water cycle, and several sprouting experiments.

The garlic clove never sprouted, and only one of our wheat seeds sprouted (in the tubes in the middle container), and the two beans sprouted as well.  The wheat seed that sprouted was a surprise!  It was just a tiny little nub of green one evening, and the next morning was several centimeters long.  By the next day it was almost six inches long!

Day one of the terrarium.  It began to develop its own water cycle in less than 24 hours, and we had sprouts in less than 48 hours.  Unfortunately, there is too much moisture for us to see into the thing very clearly! I also have to say, I love how creative JP was in solving the issue of the round terrarium on the flat table.  He used Legos to build a stand to keep it from rolling.

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