Saturday, March 1, 2014

Going after my goals with vision boards...

If you've read this post, you know that I am working my way through Leonie Dawson's 2014 Amazing Business and Life Workbooks. I didn't have printer ink when I initially purchased Leonie's program so I downloaded the workbook to my computer and reference it regularly as a guide while making my own binder-workbook. I made sections to go with each section in Leonie's workbooks, and am working through the various steps Leonie has laid out, and slowly but surely my efforts are paying off.

I've had a small increase in my Etsy sales with very little additional effort. I've landed a job as a freelance writer that is almost enough money to pay my bills each month. I've redirected my life goals to things that are far more personal and fulfilling than ever before.

As I first started working this program, however, I noticed that although I love Leonie's artwork throughout her workbooks, I needed my own artwork and personal touch. I decided to create a vision board for each section. I thought about using one large vision board for the whole thing, but for me that ends up being cluttered and creates more problems than it solves as I work towards my goals. Be separating my goals into individual vision boards, I can remain focused on one goal or task at a time. I am using page protectors, paper, and magazine cutouts to create the vision boards. Each one makes a page/section divider in my workbook as well. I also have been collecting little quotes and phrases and sprinkling them throughout my binder. When I'm feeling down or like I'm not achieving anything, I pull out my binder, look at these pages, and instantly feel my pep coming back.

The vision board page for my "gorgeous body goals" section - the first page that is done! I love how it turned out. It reminds me to eat well, stay fit, and be happy.

From my "100 things to do in 2014" section. Can you tell I want to travel?

From my section on financial goals...

A few additions to the cover of my binder...

I have been carrying around this little quote for YEARS! It now has a home on the cover of my binder.

On the spine of my binder. A good reminder when I am feeling lazy or unmotivated.

What are you working on today, and what motivates you to keep working towards your goals?

***Please note, I do have an affiliate relationship with Leonie Dawson. If you choose to purchase her workbooks or other products through my link, I will receive revenue. I totally believe in this program though, and wouldn't provide the link otherwise.

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