Saturday, March 24, 2012

Mail call...

I am still insanely busy, and thus not blogging as much as I should...sigh...  I've gotten even busier this weekend, if you can believe that!  I now work at a vocational college, tutor a group of three siblings, am finishing my MFA in writing, homeschooling my son, and I took on another private student!  Whoa!'s a big Postcrossing up...

From Aachen Germany

The former British Consulate in Taiwan

From a seaside town in south Australia

From Russia

GORGEOUS card from China!

From Kornati, in Croatia

Actually not from Postcrossing...postcard from Biarritz, from my French penpal

Fun handmade card, and a little flag, from South Africa

From Breslau, Germany

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  1. The first one, from Germany, is very cool.

    And that does sound crazy busy!

    We're still working on getting a P.O box for those brochures. I think I've not received physical mail in almost a decade.

    (hoping this works... your last posts didn't let me comment)


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