Friday, March 16, 2012

Sugar coma...

I haven't been blogging much lately due to being insanely busy! I still tutor, still homeschool, am in my last term of graduate school AND I started a new job two weeks ago! Whew! I'm exhausted just thinking about it!

The new job is tutoring at a vocational college in Manhattan, and I have been loving going into the city three days per week! I get to eat my lunch at Central Park, enjoy seeing different aspects of the city everyday as I walk from Grand Central Station to my job (about a mile and a quarter each way!), and so much more!

On my most recent walk to work, I went by Rockefeller Center.  While most people were taking pictures of the ice skaters and the flags on display around the ice rink, I was busy taking pictures of the Lego store sign!  The boy and I adore Legos, and if you get up close you can see that the sign is actually made of little Lego people!
I also enjoy walking around when I have a bit of extra time, and seeing the little things that probably most people don't bother to notice.  If you are a fan of the early seasons of "Law and Order", then you will like the alternate name for West 53rd Street:

With this new job, I have decided that once per week I will bring home a treat for the lad.  This past Thursday, it was a treat for both of us, and it put me into a small sugar coma! Heeheehee...  Of course, later I had a horrible time sleeping!  Sigh...
I saw something on the news recently about Sprinkles Cupcakes...apparently favored by the rich and famous.  Well, I'm not rich, nor am I famous, but I thought I'd give Sprinkles a try anyhow!  Whooooaaaaa!  These cupcakes are so amazingly good!  They are expensive though, and super high in calories (like nearly 500 calories for some varieties!!!!), so they will not be a regular treat!  Super moist, super tasty, super good!  The young man and young woman working the counter during my visit were also very friendly and helpful.  I brought home 2 lemon cupcakes for JP, and got myself 2 vegan red velvet cupcakes (the only ones in the shop that are dairy free...).  WOWZA!  These were so good!

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