Thursday, September 1, 2011

I should have spent my day...

...working on this to-do list:

* walk or run or cycle
* sketches for the packaging design
* blog
* compare yoga certification classes
* compare SAT class that one potential student may take vs. what I am offering and get back to the mom
* compile list from previous emails about possible space for classes
* pimp Etsy shop on Twitter, Facebook, etc
* try not to worry about my last yoga/juice bar paycheck getting here quickly in the mail
* call Office of Student Affairs and make sure they will be open tomorrow
* call friend to see if we can take her son with us to Ocean City, NJ next weekend (going to meet a pen pal from Germany that is visiting another of her pen pals!!!!)

I did a few things on my list, but mostly I spent most of the day dealing with repair guys who did this:
The two pictures on the left show the holes made in the bathroom and bedroom walls to search for leaking pipes, and then replace them.  The plastic over the holes, in the pictures on the right, is how they left the holes for the next several days.  Apparently they can't close up the holes until they have confirmed, over the course of a few days, that the leaks have been fully repaired.  Fine, makes sense to me.  Unfortunately, this is a long weekend in the United States with a holiday on Monday.  That means the guys won't be coming back to finish the repair work until at least Tuesday or Wednesday.  Sigh...

So, it is now 730pm, and I haven't done most of my to-do list.  Tonight, I WILL do the bulk of my to-do list.  About the only things I can't do tonight involve phone calls, so they will be done first thing in the morning.  

MAIL CALL: JP received a letter from one of his pen-pals in California.  He hasn't opened it yet, but I can feel something bulky.  JP's pen-pal sends an origami piece in every letter, giving the letters a little bit of added fun. 

WHAT'S FOR DINNER?  JP ate leftover pasta with gourmet cheese melted over the top.  The cheese was a birthday gift from my bestie, C.  It came from Gesthemani Farms which is run by Trappist monks!  I had leftover Israeli Salad and toast.
Loving his cheese!


  1. I've had to do that too.. leave the walls open. It'll soon be over. :-)

  2. Hey, just dropped by, we have the same to do list yesterday wew..

  3. UGH!! Don't you just love repairmen. Considering what they do, maybe instead of "repair"-men they should be called "tear-it-up"-men!!! LOL Hopefully it really will be fixed by Tuesday. But you know...their nick-names could be "tomorrow" or "later" men! ^_^


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