Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Without water...again...

After a maintenance guy came to my apartment yesterday to "see what we are dealing with" and told me that he would be back with materials, workers, etc on Thursday, I assumed we would have both hot AND cold water all day Wednesday with a disruption on Thursday, and possibly Friday.  WRONG!  I woke up, planning a nice relaxing shower, and a smooth morning, getting ready to go volunteer at my school's new grad student orientation, to run some of my own errands on campus, come home to bake some fresh bread, and then go back to campus later for a poetry reading.

Instead, I woke up, went to the bathroom, and hit the flusher on the toilet...and nothing happened.  Now, we just went through a few waterless days last week, and it wasn't pleasant.  But, also last week, the temperatures were milder.  Today is looking like a hot one, and I have stuff to do! So, alternate plans...we have HOT water, but not cold.  I've filled some bowls with hot water, cooling it to a reasonable temp to use for bathing, washing dishes, etc.  This isn't how I had planned to spend my day...

What do you do when things don't go as planned, or you wake up to an unexpected problem like no cold water?  Do you complain and stomp your feet, or do you decide to just get on with life the best that you can?

Since I don't actually know why we don't have cold water today, I also don't know how long we will be without it.  The guy yesterday gave me no indication that the water would be off today.  I hope it is back on before this afternoon when I need to get ready for the poetry reading!  I signed up to be a reader!  I don't want to go looking or smelling icky!  Sigh...  In the meantime, I will revise some poems, fold all the laundry that was washed yesterday, and do a bit of cleaning and organizing in our living room.  But, at some point over the next three days, water or not, I have to get to my school to take care of financial aid, get my new I.D. sticker for the school year, pick up insurance cards, etc.

Life goes on, cold water or no...

A while later, I had a moment of nostalgia.  I was in the kitchen, and was only half-listening to the video playing on my computer in the next room.  Although it was a video about rescue animals, the voice was reminiscent of the TV show "Perry Mason."  As a child, I spent many hours with my grandparents watching "Perry Mason" reruns.  Often, those hours were also spent baking cookies and pies, making card houses, or just laying around with a good book.  But, what I remember most is the feeling of satisfaction.  I was loved, cared for, and safe.  I had good, fresh, healthy food to fill my tummy.  I had companionship.  I had it all.  As a mother, I want to create those types of feelings and memories for my child.  I hope he will grow up to remember his childhood with the same affection I have for mine.  Later today, we will go for a walk, and come home to make dinner together - sunny side up eggs per my son's request to learn to make eggs in every way possible.

What are you doing today to build those special memories and feelings in your child?

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  1. WOW! You're doing a poetry reading?!! As I Poet myself, I'm really interested in how this goes...and I'd love to see some of your poetry! {I have a poem at the end of every blog post of mine}...I sure hope the water comes back on!! O_0


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