Thursday, August 4, 2011

I'm curious...what are your food habits, concerns, and interests?

I've recently begun to work at a raw foods juice bar and yoga center.  It got me and why do people make the food-related choices that they make?  My son and I have food allergies and sensitivities which force some of our decisions, but what about the other choices we make?  I also recently watched a video on a raw foods store in Southern California which was raided by law enforcement, and the owner jailed.  (Watch the video here.)  What prompts people to choose raw, vegetarian, vegan, or any other specific dietary path?

Tomatoes by BlackOrchid2004 on Etsy

Although I'm not a vegetarian, or vegan, I do tend to shy away from meat (I just don't like it, and feel better when I don't eat it).  I also have a weird relationship with fruit - somehow, I have convinced myself that I don't like fruit, so I don't eat much of it.  I love berries, but the rest? Ewww...the reality, however, is that my fruit-distaste is purely mental!  If I get over my disgust at the thought of eating an apple or a pear, I always find that I ENJOY fruit and love the flavors!  Yet, time and time again, I think "Gross..." before I ever get to the "Yummm..."  I have no idea where that came from, but clearly I need to reprogram that part of my brain.

Vibrant Asparagus by dreameryphotography on Etsy

I'm curious...what are you food preferences?  Are you an omnivore? Are you vegetarian or vegan?  Do you have food allergies?  Do you follow a raw diet?  Spill the details, please!  I want to know!

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  1. Personally, I'm not a vegetarian but I might as well be. I LOVE vegetables and eat them everyday--with a bit of chicken and turkey haha. I love fruit and make tons of smoothies with them--especially pineapple strawberry smoothies. Today I made a pineapple strawberry mango smoothie. Yum!

    I am trying to reach over to the raw side and begin eating more superfoods like raw cacao beans and acai berries but it's all a process.

    Thank you for featuring my Vibrant Asparagus print! It's one of my favorites! :)



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