Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Wording matters...goal setting...

A friend regularly posts on her Facebook page 5 things she's excited about, and 5 things she's thankful for.  Then, the rest of us comment with our 5 things to be excited about, and 5 things to be thankful for.  I started writing my 5 and 5, and for one, I began with "Plan to..."  Why would I PLAN to do something?  Yes, I need to take steps to accomplish my goals, but there is something about saying (or writing) "I plan to do..." that also allows space for, "But I might not do it..."  I don't have the time or energy for "might not" or "won't" or "can't."  I WILL accomplish my goals.  No doubt, no second-guessing.  Only doing!

I also recently posted this on my personal Facebook page: "...has no room in her life for whiners, complainers, cheaters, enablers, blamers, or people who refuse to accept personal responsibility."  I'm on this big personal empowerment kick.  Can you tell?  What negativity are you willing to cut out of your life?  What things are you going to DO to progress in your life?

Excited and thankful that we get to live so close to NYC, all of the amazing things available to see and do here! Sculptures ouside the Time Warner building.

Thanks to Sheri for posting her 5 Exciting things, and 5 Thankful things.

5 Things I'm Excited about:
  • Grad school starts back on Sept 6.
  • Tutoring starts back on Sept 6.
  • Homeschool for JP starts back on Sept 6.
  • Getting certified as a kids yoga instructor (This is the one that I almost started as "Plan to..." - no planning, only DOING!)
  • Organizing homeschool class offerings
5 Things I'm Thankful for:
  • My health.
  • JP's health
  • Good friends all over the globe
  • My parents
  • My siblings
What are your 5 and 5?

MAIL CALL:  Junk mail...and a package for JP from Amazon.com - a birthday present from our friend, Chris. 

WHAT'S FOR DINNER?  Eggs!  JP wanted to learn to make as many different styles of eggs as possible.  We were supposed to make omelettes last night, but instead had dinner at my grad school's orientation program.  So, we did omelettes tonight...sort of.  I showed JP my omelette technique, and supervised while he made himself a decent, but slightly overcooked bacon omelette.  I made myself a veggie omelette...that didn't turn out very omeletty and instead was an ugly, but yummy, mess in a bowl.
In the big picture on the left: JP is being funny, and yelling at his eggs and bacon like he is their drill sergeant. Top right: giving me a "Not another picture, mom!" kind of look.
Middle right: The best pic I could get of JP's omelette.
Bottom right: My mess of eggs and veggies (red, orange, yellow bell peppers, scallions, tomato).


  1. I love you!!!! Keep posting your 5's....I totally believe in you!

  2. Following you from the TOS crew blog hop!

  3. Jp's omelette looks delicious too me! I like my eggs...however you make them...well done. No runny stuff...unless it's cheese! :-)


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