Saturday, August 27, 2011

On dreams, realities are made...

Do you have a dream?  One that you want to turn into reality?  What are you going to do TODAY to make that reality happen?
Last night I had a dream that the Kardashian family was in my circle of acquaintances, and somehow Josh Duhamel was a Kardashian too.  We were sitting at a large conference table, with the Kardashians on my right, and pseudo-Kardashian Josh, across from me.  To my left were several of my good friends from real life, including my bff's Sheri, Beth, and Casandra.  In my dream, I was telling the Kardashians about my plans for the future, and then I told them that they would be funding my new t-shirt line.  Joshie tried to take control, saying that they would be happy to help, but that they would take control, and guide me.  I said, "No thank you.  What you are going to do is underwrite me, and I am going to be in total control of everything.  You'll do what I say, when I say, how I say.  This is my baby, and I merely need your money to make it happen."  Josh, the dear boy, was shocked and could only stare, mouth agape, as his mama Kardashian said, "Of course dear!"  One of the Kardashian daughters began to complain, and was shut down by mama Kardashian who told them all to stop their whining.  Mama Kardashian basically gave me what I needed financially, and my friends gave me their love and support. It was amazing!

(This post has been edited, and irrelevant parts removed.)

Yes, I mentioned Hurricane Irene.  We live just north of New York City.  I anticipate really high winds, lots of rain, and hopefully nothing else.  We are not in an evacuation zone, and our town's website indicates that we should be safe if we stay indoors, and just wait it out.  That is what we plan to do.  Just in case, I plan to pot water tonight, clear window sills of photos, books, knick-knacks, and stuff like that.

Grad school orientation is this coming week, and I've volunteered for hospitality to welcome new students.  My second year in the program begins September 6th.  I'm excited, but also a little nervous.  Although I came out of spring term with some great poems, it was an awful term, and I'm still recovering.  My word smithery juices are low and need replenished.  Spring term drained me entirely.

I haven't posted much about our homeschooling plans for fall, and plan to sit down this weekend to plan for the first few weeks of the school year for JP.  He is in 8th grade if you go by age.  So far he is signed up for golf lessons (PE), and for a few nature classes at a local Audubon center.  I have some curriculum but am still waiting on a box from Book Samaritan.  Depending on whether we get any math curriculum from Book Samaritan, I may break down and buy Teaching Textbooks curriculum.  I've got a stack of books for literature, as well as several lesson plans on various poets and writers.  For history, I am thinking about a new approach involving field trips to local historical sites (within two hours of our home), with unit studies before the trips.  For science, JP has requested to do chemistry AND geology.  I have a full chemistry curriculum (FREE online from the American Chemical Society!), and have planned a unit-study type of approach to geology, including lapbooking, adapted for middle school.  I am also toying with the idea of having JP blog about his geology lessons...we'll see...  I realize this is all very sketchy and not very well laid out.  After the weekend, and our fun with Hurricane Irene, I hope to have a more cohesive plan.  JP's first day of school this year will be September 6th which corresponds to my first day, and the first day of school for my tutoring students.

MAIL CALL:  This has been a sucky week for mail! Just bills and junk mail.  Sigh...

WHAT'S FOR DINNER? Tonight, I plan to thaw soup that I froze a while ago (veggie noodle), and I will probably bake up some naan bread. 

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