Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Cell phone plans?

I would like to know if you are happy with your cell phone plan.  If you don't mind sharing details, I'd be curious to know who your provider is, and what you pay each month, and what services are covered by those fees.

If you have been keeping tabs on my blog, you may have seen this:

That is my phone after dropping it one too many times.  I had been using a cheap monthly plan from Virgin Mobile, but it wasn't quite covering my needs.  So, I decided to go into Verizon and see what they had available for phones and plans.  I found phones I liked, that were cheap ($50 after rebates), and talked to a sales girl about plans.  She laid out a plan that, according to the numbers she was rattling off, should have been about $120/month TOTAL for two lines.  Note the word TOTAL in that sentence.  So...imagine my shock when I got the first bill, and it was $305!  On top of which, the girl never told me that the billing cycle would be ending in only NINE days!  Or that my bill would NOT be prorated to show that we only used NINE days of a 31 day billing cycle!  Or that those "shared" charges she told me about were NOT shared at all!  Or that some fees would be MORE than she quoted...

I checked the bill, read every detail to make sure I hadn't missed anything, but there was nothing missing, nothing extra...just nothing SHARED at all, and some fees higher than I was told!

I am going in on Thursday to complain, and demand the $120/month she promised.  Wish me luck!  I made it extremely clear to her that I was on a tight budget and could NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES afford more than $120/month for our plan.  Imagine my shock when I saw that bill!

I've been polling friends, and family, and it seems $120/month for two lines is quite reasonable no matter who the provider is.  What do you think?

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