Saturday, February 4, 2012

Postcrossing postcard exchange...

A while ago, I mentioned Postcrossing, one of my favorite hobbies. If you don't already know, Postcrossing is a postcard exchange. It is a fantastic way to learn about other people and cultures, as well as brush up on your geography.  This morning, I have been addressing cards to send out.  For each address that Postcrossing assigns to you, they also give you a code which the receiver enters into the website database which records that your card has been received.  The site allows you to track various statistics, to view maps showing where your cards have gone to and come from, and much more.  I love it!

Today, I am sending cards to:
  • Russian Federation
  • Germany
  • Ireland
  • Switzerland
  • Netherlands
  • Moldova
I can't wait to see what card I get in return, and the countries they come from!  When your cards are received and entered into the Postcrossing system, your address is assigned to someone else and you receive cards in your mailbox.  So fun, and a great little surprise amid all the bill and junkmail!

This map shows where my sent (in red) cards have gone to, 
and where my received (in blue) cards have come from. 

Postcrossing can also be a fun way to add some geography and cultural studies to homeschooling.  Just be sure that if you set up a Postcrossing account, you specify that the cards will be received by a younger person, and list what types of cards you do or do not wish to receive.  For example, my profile states that we do NOT want any cards with sexually explicit themes.

A few of our favorite cards (others posted here):
From Wyoming, USA
From Montreal, Canada

Old cars from Germany
Colorful card from Sao Paulo, Brazil

Gorgeous card from China

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