Monday, February 20, 2012

Not much homeschooling this past week...

We've both been sick this past week.  The boy was sick pretty much from Tuesday through today, and I started feeling ill on Thursday.  We got through some videos, some reading, and one math lesson, but that was it.  We were both just too tired!  So, instead of a blog post about anything home education related, I'm giving you food and a postcard.

My absolute favorite meal is mustard glazed salmon, rice, and wilted spinach with roasted red peppers.
For the mustard glaze, mix your favorite mustard with a bit of white wine, and brush over the top of your salmon, then bake or broil until the salmon is cooked, and flaking nicely.  For the rice, just prepare your favorite rice in your favorite way.  JP and I both love rice cooked in broth.  For the spinach and roasted red pepper, heat a bit of olive oil in a skillet.  Cut a roasted red pepper into small pieces, maybe 1/4 inch, and add to the oil.  Pile the skillet high with baby spinach, and season with a bit of salt and pepper.  A minced garlic clove is a great addition.  Carefully turn the spinach, trying not to spill any over the side - use three or four times the amount of spinach you think looks right.  It wilts down to next to nothing.  When all of the spinach is wilted, it is done.

A couple of nights ago, we had a "make do" meal which is what you get when you are too tired to make a real meal, or when you want to clean out the fridge.

We had one egg, a small bit of sausage, carrots, rice, and spinach.  I made wilted spinach with roasted red pepper for myself, and JP had raw spinach, but swiped a few of my roasted pepper pieces.  I have to tell you that it was hard to let JP have the egg, which I had scrambled.  I love scrambled eggs!  This was a simple meal to make when we both were feeling to tired to go to the store, and too tired to make a proper meal.  As you can see we also had raw baby carrots, and more rice...we eat a lot of rice, and a lot of spinach!

And, finally a postcard.  I recently sent out a bunch of postcards via the Postcrossing postcard swap, and have started to get cards in my box as well.  The most recent is from Veluwe, Netherlands:


  1. Oh my goodness, that food looks SO good! We LOVE salmon :) I've never tried mustard glazed salmon, thanks for the idea! Hope you all are feeling much better. Visiting from the HHH.

  2. Oh, I hope you all are feeling better! Has it been a rough winter for you with sickness? It has for us! Germs seem to be sticking with us!


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