Thursday, December 5, 2013

Non-Family People I'm loving right now...

I haven't been blogging in a while. I've just been working, sleeping, working, sleeping, and taking care of my son and dogs in between.

Over the past few weeks, I've been working hard at breaking down a schedule for non-work, non-sleeping, non-child and non-dog care. I've been carving out bits of time to start some drafts of blog posts, to get started on an e-book art history project, and other non-traditional work and fun stuff.

While you patiently wait for the next great thing from me (it's coming, it's coming!), I wanted to share a few non-family people that I love.


First, I encourage you creative types, or anyone trying to escape the traditional 9-5 job situation, to check out this video series by one of my very favoritist of all people, Michelle Ward from When I Grow Up Coach. The series is called Grown Up Gigs, and I love it!  I hope someday to be one of Michelle's guests! by Michelle Ward
I absolutely love this series, and I've gotten so many great tips about how to guide my own creative business ventures, how to stay sane while planning to leave the 9-5 behind, and just overall inspiration for how to live a better life.


Next, check out my beautiful friend, Marianne Bland, and her amazing cityscapes. She manages to capture San Francisco in a way that always fills me with awe.  Her work reminds me so much of Edward Hopper. Seriously, her work is amazing. Marianne took part in a project called Heroes & Hearts in San Francisco too, and as part of the project, she painted a giant heart that was on display in the city by the bay (I just had to throw in the rhyme). by Marianne Bland
I love Marianne's art, but she's also been a great friend, and so supportive of my own endeavors. Check her out on Facebook, but also check out her website.


Finally, I adore Ms. Leonie Dawson. She is a creative biz genius, and has managed to keep growing her business even while being super duper sick with hyperemesis gravidarum (which I had during pregnancy with my son 15 years ago, so I know just how miserable Leonie is - giganto hugs, Leonie!).  Leonie runs the Amazing Business and Life Academy, and I can tell you that in the few short couple of months I've been a part of the Academy, I've been seeing lots of positive changes in my creative biz life, and in my personal life. Some changes have been little (taking a couple of minutes every morning to stretch and center myself for the day ahead) to larger (exceeding my earnings goal each month for my creative biz - seriously! Every month I've gone past my goals!). 
Check out the Academy HERE. It truly has been life changing!

My favorite benefit of the Academy though is available even without taking the jump into the Academy - the Amazing Biz and Life Workbooks.  These workbooks come out annually, and I just got the 2014 editions.  I snagged both the Life and Business versions, and combined them to make one huge workbook! They are such great tools to sort out what's important to you, what you thought was important but isn't, and to make a plan to get those things that you really want to go after. Check them out!

Seriously, these workbooks are fantastic! Get them HERE.


I hope you will go and visit these three fantastic women, and that you will love them as much as I do! They nourish my creative soul.

**Please note, the links for the Biz Academy, and the Biz and Life workbooks are affiliate links, so I will receive a little bit back if you choose to join the academy or purchase the workbooks. I really do believe in them though, and I hope you will check them out regardless of the affiliate status!

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